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I occasionally make short films. One day, I'll be a film director and you won't see explosions and nonsense. But you might see Batman.

Storytelling and worldbuilding is my passion. I create from the world around me, and sarcasm. Lots of sarcasm.

Not a candlestick maker




Thought I'd include what I'm not, too. So, yeah. I'm not a candlestick maker... yet. Will I be someday? I don't know.

I capture memories and artsy things. From weddings to family portraits to personal projects in the mountains, you'll see me with a camera.

COme join us. I mean that In the least creepiest way.

I'm also the co-founder and writing director

for one to a thousand

One to a Thousand is a community-based publisher. We specialize in the genre of liminality, a place between fantasy and horror, drama and spec-fic. I'd love for you to come join our community.

I am a writer living in Wasilla, AK. The first full story I wrote, back in the first grade, was an adventure story about a woman saving animals in the rainforest. Now my writing more often leans toward science fiction, horror, and fantasy. I specialize in poetry and short stories, with ambitions for novel writing in the future.

Besides writing, I also spend time doing portrait and wedding photography and enjoy drawing, painting, sculpting, and trying new creative endeavors. I do photography with my studio, J. L. Chabotte Creative Studio, and previously did work with R2C2 Studios.

I am driven by a passion for community and humanity. I volunteer regularly with my church and local theatre. My desire to co-found One to a Thousand was driven by wanting to help people find their voices and share their stories through whatever medium fits them, be it theatre or writing, or anything else. When not working and volunteering, I enjoy a variety of hobbies, including movie marathons with my family, gaming with my husband, exploring the outdoors with my friends, and cuddling up with a good book and my dog, Jack. Through all my interests and activities, the common thread is love for the stories being told and the people who tell them.

So, who am I? That's the hardest question of all time.

Do I just insert a Lorem Ipsum here or something?

View my latest work, including writing, photography, and filmmaking, if you so please.

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